ROC curve library pROC

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to plot ROC curve with the code below:

fit<-roc(grupo5, miR1623pC, ci=T, plot=T, direction='>')
plot.roc(fit, add=F, reuse.auc=TRUE,axes=T, legacy.axes=T, print.auc=TRUE, print.thres=F)

the categorical response is grupo5
the continuous variable is miR1623pC

My problem is when the plot is read the axis values of horizontal are plotted in scientific notation.
I had tried the code "options(digits=1)" but not solved.
I'd like to show number of horizontal axis (1-specificity) in decimal format with one decimal digit.
Please, help me!

Please provide a reprex. See the FAQ. It's not clear that you are using pROC or some other package's roc() and there is no representative data. The plot x-axis should be the specificity, which is the interval 0.0:1.0, and from the description it is unclear why this should be in sci.