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Our vision is to create novel and highly differentiated medicines. To this end, we discover and develop novel therapeutic antibodies and next generation biologics, such as bispecific antibodies, fusion proteins or AAV vectors for gene therapy. Our ambition is to deliver such novel molecules to patients with game changing clinical benefit.

We are looking for a Scientist in Synthetic Biology (m/f/d) with a keen interest in the fields of drug discovery and development. You will join the department of Cell Technologies, which belongs to a unit called Large Molecule Research within Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED).

This position therefore offers the opportunity to interact with numerous functions within Roche also at different sites to deliver novel medicines to patients.

Your team in a nutshell:

You will be part of ambitious matrix teams, which drive different projects of the Synthetic Biology program in Targeted Modalities (TMo). These teams involve Roche colleagues with different expertise and level (e.g. students, lab technicians, scientists and project managers). Each voice is valued and we highly appreciate contribution of different perspectives that often leads to innovative solutions for our challenging projects.

The job in a nutshell:

Your work focuses on development and application of synthetic biology tools for cell engineering and rAAV vector engineering. You have a strong background in molecular biology & cell engineering and can establish methods that enable design-build-test-learn cycles for the development of advanced genetic vectors encoding for antibody chains or AAV components.

The main tasks of this position:

  • DESIGN: You will design DNA components and libraries using computational tools based on your deep understanding of how to connect genetic/RNA/protein elements to create synthetic systems that are functional in mammalian cells.

  • BUILD: You will apply cutting-edge genome editing and other cell engineering technologies to generate tailor-made cell lines for assays, production and screening

  • TEST: You will use existing and establish new functional readouts, e.g. FACS, reporter cell systems, microfluidic systems and NGS, to select for desired cell populations and isolate desired DNA sequences

  • LEARN: You will use state-of-the-art data analysis software but also apply self-written scripts (e.g. R or Python) to analyze and consolidate large data sets that support informed or AI-guided decision-making for the next design cycle

You will be responsible to map standardized biological parts and process large data sets to fit into our IT infrastructure.

This is also very important for us:

Team player: you are passionate about building strong teams. In your teams, everyone shares the success while setbacks are viewed as an opportunity to learn

Communication and networking: You know how to proactively build bridges and how to network in a big organization.

Being courageous: you tackle difficult issues with confidence and you hold things together during tough times

Organizational awareness: you see the big picture and have a clear understanding of other group’s business needs

Continuous learning: you enjoy the challenges of unfamiliar tasks to continuously learn new things. You seek novel approaches to solve problems and to challenge the status quo.

Presentation skills: you know how to present in a clear and convincing way before big audiences and management boards.

And the technical requirements for this position?

  • A strong background in cutting-edge technologies for cell engineering & synthetic biology is necessary for this position
  • A University degree in biotechnology, sythtetic biology or similar area including PhD helps you to fulfill those tasks
  • Ideally, you have already applied your programming skills to analyze large data sets
  • Expertise in molecular biology (e.g. plasmid design, gene switches, RNA engineering, library design & transformation, DNA sequencing) and cell engineering (transfection, CRISPRa/i, gene tagging) is required. Experience in the following techniques and readouts are desired: FACS analysis, microfluidic devices, cell culture automation and NGS
  • We can trust in your project management skills
  • Fluent English language skills are natural to you
  • Strong IT and data analysis skills as well

This position is limited to a time-frame of two years.

We look forward receiving your application!

Application documents:

For your application, please keep it simple. We only ask you for an updated CV. A motivation letter is also not needed. However, please let us get to know you by submitting a short essay (max. half a page) exposing the meaning the following topic has to you:

“Mindset, scientific community, organizational setup and/or modern technologies: What does it need to build an innovative working environment?”

Do you have any questions about the current application status or about the job in general?

Our FAQ provide answers to many questions. And if you haven't found the right answer, our Talent Acquisition Team is ready to help you!

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9-12 am and from 1-4 pm by phone: (+49) (0) 621-759 68642.

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