rounding, tabulation, and inline presentation with table.glue - Table Contest Submission

rounding, tabulation, and inline presentation with table.glue

Authors: Byron Casey Jaeger
Affiliations: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Abstract: The goal of table.glue is to give you more control over the presentation of your data and also simplify the process of rounding and formatting data. The main idea is to create rounding specifications (starting with round_spec()) that can be plugged in, directly or through global options, to the table_glue() and table_value() functions. My tutorial, 'Guide to table making', shows how table.glue fits into a general workflow for tabulation and inline presentation.

Full Description: I wrote table.glue to help me create datasets with formatted character vectors that could easily be passed into gt(), kable(), flextable(), or any other R package that tabulates data. It is a very simple package that has made it far easier for me to organize tables in my papers. Although gt() is the main function used for tabulation in my tutorial, character vectors are straightforward to use in any R package that creates tables, making table.glue a helpful package no matter what type of table package you prefer.

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Submission Type: Tutorial
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