Rproj.user files started appearing in GitHub "diff" history - can I make it stop??


Apologies, I am a bit of a Rstudio and GitHub novice.

I am a collaborator on my colleague's GitHub repo. We both have this repo linked in as an R project and work on it in Rstudio on our local machines. We have been collaborating on this for a couple of months now, committing and pushing changes to the repo with nothing strange happening.

A day ago Rproj.user/...files began appearing in my list of changed files under the git window where other files I am prompted to commit go. Every time I save a file, a new one appears. See the photo below. This is really clogging up my changes list. I have been selecting them and hitting the ignore key, saving them to an "ignored" file, but they remain in the list and new ones keep appearing. I can also confirm that .Rproj.user is in my .gitignore file. Since it is there, I wouldnt expect them to appear in the staging and commit list as as per this post. Is there a way to turn this off? We are both using Mac's with BigSur and updated versions of Rstudio.


It should also be noted that everytime I run a saved .Rmd script, the script goes back to "unsaved" (with asterisk). This is also new behavior, and I believe this is connected to the abundance of .Rproj.user files in the commit list.

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