RSC and how to manage data.csv files underlying each pin

I currently utilize RSC to present shiny dashboards for various purposes. As part of the update of these dashboards I rerun the Rmd each day and that data is then pinned to RSC where it saves over the old pinned data with the new data. Or at least I thought.

It has come to my attention the server is still saving the prior day data.csv when the new day's pin is saved. Therefore data storage limit is now a real concern.

I've tried to dig around as much as I can for possible solutions but thought I would post a thread here as well to see if anyone has come across this problem as well.

Essentially what I'd like to do is when the new pin is saved to RSC it overwrites the old data.csv with the new data.csv and doesn't continue to store each day's file. And to clarify in the UI I can only see the most recent pinned data and underlying data.csv.


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