rsconnect::DeployApp() what content type does a shiny app classify as?

To redeploy a shiny app that has already been deployed to RS Connect via the push button deploy before what content classification should I be specifying in the DeployApp function? (parameter contentCategory).

Ive tried many variations of "application" given the fact that 'api' is for api but have been unsuccessful so far. Is there a list somewhere on what content categories are accepted on RS Connect? using RS Connect v1.7.4

Thanks in advanced!

Looks like the contentCategory needs to be null for Shiny Applications... If anyone has found any comprehensive documentation or a blog post on this function and what it expects Id appreciate knowing about it.

So far Ive deduced that...

  1. plumber APIs are contentCategory 'api' (not 'plumber' which is another category for an unknown use)
  2. shiny apps are contentCategory NULL (not 'application' which is also another category for unknown use).

Wanted to share this information since it may help others.

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