rsession.conf path


I was wondering if it is possible to provide a non default path for the rsession.conf?
E.g. /xyzdir/resession.conf ?


I may not have your answer, but I'm pretty sure that rsession.conf doesn't figure in the free version of RStudio desktop. What is your RStudio set up? (And OS, I guess)

I am using Rocky 8 Linux and Open Source version of Rstudio Server. RStudio Server | Use the RStudio IDE in a Web Browser
Do you think this version doesnt support configuration via rsession.conf?

I checked by RStudio Server /etc/rstudio files. rsession.conf and others are there but empty or commented out. Yet, I can connect via port 8787. I'm guessing that even if you had rstudo-server under two names in /usr/sbin that it would create a problem with competition for the port. The Pro version allows the port to be set. I think virtualization is probably the only feasible way to run two versions.

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