Rshiny Automatic Run

Hello evry one,

Is it possible to run a Shiny App without doing it interactively (like with a .Batch) ?

I tried to do it with a batch but it only opens me the script but do not run it...

Thnaks a lot

Can you give more detail about your request? Do you mean running a shiny App from RStudio? because if you are using Shiny Server, there is no need to manually run the app, they run automatically when a client (web browser) makes a request.

Problem Solved, thanks a lot !

To make this thread useful for others facing similar issues. Could you better explain what your issue was, how did you solve it, and mark the solution for your topic?

my problem was that i have a UI script a Server script and a third script.
The third script has one role : merge some databases,
and Server and Ui to create my shiny app were takin information from this third script.
Unfortunately the .Batch does not worked bcause of this third script, there were to much packages to install...

The solution were to save the data like Data.Rdata and create a function who asks yo take the data from this saved data.

crerate a third script named Run.R
capture pour shiny cummonity

there is the code : you save UI and Server in a seme place, save Run.R on the same page, copy this script on your run.r, create a .Bat which asks to run R.exe and this Run.R

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