Rshiny: How to create new feature based on value selected from input

Hello, I am new with rshiny
How to create new features based on value selected.
In data have delivery date, as per date selection from UI ("dateinput") calculate delay days and for every observation add new feature with value as "On time", "Late" or "Future".

I am new with rshiny & flexdashboard.

title: "Demo"
social: menu
runtime: shiny
    orientation: rows
    vertical_layout: fill
      - {title: "<i class='fa fa-info'></i> Report Based on date 05-01-2019", align: right}

# Add Date Picker for Generate report Based on It.
  label = "Report Date",
  value = "2019-05-01",
  min = NULL,
  max = NULL,
  format = "yyyy-mm-dd",
  startview = "month",
  language = "en",
  width = NULL

Raw_data_1 <-mutate(Raw_data_1, OT_Due_date = ifelse(Raw_data_1$DueDate >=  input$RDate,"Future",
                                      (ifelse((Raw_data_1$Received >=Raw_data_1$Ordered),"On Time","Late")),
                                                ifelse((Raw_data_1$Received >=Raw_data_1$Ordered) &
                                                (Raw_data_1$LastRcvd <= Raw_data_1$DueDate),"On Time","Late")))))

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