RSPM git builder doesn't build vignette

Hi folks - finally an opportunity for a succinct title! I just went to demo a package (that I'd installed from RSPM) for some teammates and couldn't find my own vignette, and after the meeting discovered that I wasn't accessing it wrong, it didn't exist. This triggered a memory of the last time this happened (lol) where the cause was that install_bitbucket() defaults to vignettes.

I looked through the RSPM documentation and didn't find any information on how to pass parameters to the git builder. There's not a lot of info on how the git builder works under the hood, but I'm guessing now that it uses install_bitbucket!

Any guidance on how to make my (commit-triggered) company-internal R package build with a vignette on RSPM? Thanks!

edit: Running v 1.1.2-10 on CentOS7