RStudio 1.1.383 Windows losing active cursor fucus

This effects my installation of Rstudio IDE Version 1.1.383 Windows
But not Rstudio IDE Version 1.1.383 Linux

Expected behavior - Pressing CTRL+1 and CTRL+2 moves the cursor to the code pane or CLI pane respectively.

Unexpected behavior - after opening the tool bar menu, the cursor is "lost" and does not return to the code pane (breaking workflow), and subsequently the CTRL+1 shortcut does not work; requiring the user to "click" in the pane with the mouse.

Steps to reproduce:
Start with the cursor in the code pane (CTRL-1)
Press ALT to open the Menu bar
Press F to open the File menu
Press ESC to escape the file menu
Press ESC to escape the Menu bar
Note the cursor did not return to the code pane.
Note the CTRL-1 ... CTRL-4 keys do not activate the cursor in the respective pane.

I wasn't able to reproduce in the preview release -- are you willing to install that and give it a try?

Hi KevinUshey, I upgraded to RStudio 1.1.4683.

After restarting RStudio a hundred times, I have a better method for "breaking" the interface.

Situation Setup
delete %localappdata%\RStudio-Desktop folder
Open RStudio.
(Mouse action) File->NewFile->New R Script
(note the cursor in the Source pane)
Down arrow 1 time to "New Project..."
(note the cursor returning to the Source pane)
(Now to break things, repeat a second time)
Down arrow 1 time to "New Project..."

At this point the cursor does not return to the Source pane.
And from this point on, clicking the mouse into the source pane, then pressing ALT-F and Esc Esc will not return the cursor either

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