RStudio 1.1.456 : dangerous issue with opening scripts (Windows 10, Anaconda)


I have installed RStudio 1.1.456, that I downloaded through Anaconda (R 3.6.1).
Now, when I open some scripts (not all), RStudio opens a blank file, when the file is not blank (I saw it with a text editor). If I save that scripts, a blank version is saved, and this is somewhat dangerous.
What is the problem? Is there a version of RStudio that works well? Did someone have this problem and manage to solve it?

Thank you!

Rstudio trough Anaconda is not officially supported, that is why you get a very old version of it, chances are that your problem has already been solved on the latest versions.
I recommend you to use a stand alone installation of Rstudio instead.

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I would like to mantain the libraries already installed with RStudio...

You mean R libraries? If so, they should remain after an RStudio upgrade.

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