RStudio-1.2.1210.dmg - Not working

Dear Sirs,

I have installed the RStudio-1.2.1210.dmg (as well the previous one) and it is not working in my computer anymore. I receive a blank screen like in the picture attached. Any comments?

Macbook Air 2011, High Sierra, R 3.5.2.

The last version to work properly was 1.2.1206.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards, RN

Hi, my setup is identical to yours (except Mojave) and I had no problem re-installing to Version 1.2.1194, which is an earlier beta version than you were using.

A couple of possibilities come to mind:

  1. Corrupt download. Verify using an md5 checksum utility or the OS method.

  2. Leftover debris from an earlier install. Use an app remover to uninstall RStudio and all of its ancillary files and try again.

I encountered the same issue and have to go back to 1206 from preview channel to make it work. 1210, and 1209 were showing the same empty screen


It seems more people are having the same problem.

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