RStudio 1.4 & Python - Code not auto-indenting on new line

Hi all, I started trying out the new python capabilities on the new RStudio 1.4 preview release and noticed that if i am going to a new line after a comma, the new line isn't being attached to the line above it. For example, if i try:

test_list = [1,2,
               3] #line auto indent, and when I hit cmd-enter it reads as 
#one object
test_list = [1, 2,
3]  #enters on a new line then have to go to first line, hit cmd-enter, next line
#hit cmd-enter again. 

This is similar to what I experienced on VSCode and downloaded an extension to auto-format the indents.
In the R console this is automatically done, was wondering if there was an option I'm not aware of in the global options or if this is how python is at the moment in RStudio?

Thanks for any input!

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