RStudio 2023.12.0+363 crashing when running quarto blog script

I have been getting issues with RStudio version: 2023.12.0+363 crashing on running chunks. I am using MacBook Pro with M1 chip. The quarto version is 1.3.450.

The message it is giving is "R Session Aborted: R encountered a fatal error, the session was terminated.

I have also installed the latest version of built R but the problem is persisting.

What could be wrong?

This is an error related to running R inside Quarto. There could be a lot happening.

Please to open a new issue on GitHub - quarto-dev/quarto-cli: Open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc. with a reproducible example if you want more help on this.

Reproducing will be key - or lot of details to troubleshoot: Quarto - Troubleshooting


I should have updated earlier, the problem was happening while in Quarto when running packages chunk or setup.R file. The issue was linked with the conflict between two or more packages. What I identified was the conflict between officer and read_xlsx functionalities which was causing crashing.

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