RStudio admin guides: I'd like to read PDF documentation, I'd like to see "diffs" too!

  1. I can't figure out how to download a PDF of the latest admin guides. I am able to download pdfs of some of the older "archived" versions, but that doesn't help me read the latest guide cover to cover on my e-reader, or be able to compare versions of the doc (see 2).

  2. Separately, it would be AMAZING if there was a way to get access to the "diffs" between admin guide versions. As an admin, once you are familiar with a guide because you have read it 3 times cover to cover, the most important thing is to understand what is new in each subsequent version so you can assimilate the new information and possibly take action to enable or test a new feature. Release notes are helpful, but you still have to go hunting in the guide and it's easy to miss stuff.

In absence of the above, anyone out there have any hacks or tricks for keeping up to date with the latest changes in the RStudio Admin guides? It's painstaking to read the release notes and comb through the latest docs looking for things that seem different. . .

I could see someone rolling their own solution to: 1. print each of the the latest admin guide to pdf and 2. do some sort of "pdf diff" to look for changes in the text, but that's a lot of effort to do manually or to automate.


Is this the guide you are referring to

In that case, you can download a PDF or EPUB from the top of the page

Hope this helps,

Hi PJ,

Yes, that does help for RStudio Workbench, but it appears that RStudio Connect and RStudio Package Manager documentation is in a different format that doesn't provide a PDF or epub download.


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