RStudio and utf-8 giving problems

I have set the global and project options in RStudio to UTF-8. In the editor my script (UTF-8) shows correctly (last line of code below).

publ <- as_tibble(read.xlsx(info_file, "Tabellen", startRow = 2, )) %>%
  fill(nr, .direction = c("down")) %>%
  fill(Nom.du.paquet.GNP, .direction = "down") %>%
  rename(excel_file = Liste.tableaux.lié,

However, if I run the code I get the following error:

Error in source(paste0("./00_setup/00_", publ_year, "_setup.R")) : 
  ./00_setup/00_2022_setup.R:101:41: unexpected input
100:   fill(Nom.du.paquet.GNP, .direction = "down") %>%
101:   rename(excel_file = Liste.tableaux.lié

If I overwrite the "é" in my RScript and run it again, there is no problem until I restart RStudio and I am back again with the same problem.
If I ask for the encoding set in RStudio, I get

> options("encoding")
[1] "native.enc"

I am using RStudio 1.4.1106 (can't update as it is my work computer).

Any help would be appreciated.

I found the answer: the problem was that I sourced the file with


Changing this to

source("myfile.R",  encoding="utf-8")

solved the problem.

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