RStudio ANOVA for intra-individual differences


I'm new to Rstudio and the more I try to find out about it, the more I'm confused. So I need to measure the intra-individual differences for one individual over 19 Sessions. Am I even allowed to use ANOVA in this case? I tried it with the aov command in several different ways but I only get error messages.

I would be very thankful, if someone could suggest a tutorial,website or something similar to that, because so far I've only seen examples regarding inter-individual differences.


ANOVA is a statistical test for whether a collection of observed metrics of several groups are equal. So, I'm guessing you have 19 obs on this individual, but they were exposed to a number of different treatments?
Something like: You have obs of Jon's heart rate resting, running, and playing video games, and you want to see if these tasks result in different heartrates for Jon?

If you have a specific statistical problem you can describe, honestly a place like Cross Validated might be the best place for good advice on exactly how you should approach the problem.

Once you know the statistical approach you'd like to take, it's helpful to pose your question here as a reproducible example (FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?), with simulated data.