RStudio as a text editor

I have been RStudio for a few years now but recently switched to Emacs to develop R code.

The main reason I switched is that the editing functionality in RStudio is lacking. Emacs (or VIM if you are inclined that way), provides excellent editing tools that make writing text and code so much easier.

I am posting this because at work I can only use RStudio and I am really missing the tools that Emacs provides. Some examples:

  • Save a history of copy and cut commands (undo tree)
  • Centre the cursor on the screen, also when working on the last line
  • No need to jump around to fix typos
  • Great BibTeX tools
  • Etc

Does the development path for RStudio include improvements to the text editor?



I'd love to see the center cursor feature too! I now always keep some whitespace before and after my code so I can center the lines I'm on better :slight_smile:

What you mean by : No need to jump around to fix typos?


Hi Pieter,

Emacs has the Flyspell package. It underlines typos like most word processors. When I hit C-; it provides the most likely correction for the last misspelled word before the cursor. This allows me to keep my fingers on the keyboard.


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