Rstudio breakpoint not hit in modules

I have an rshiny app with modules. I use Rstudio to run the app. The breakpoints that I set in modules don't get hit. I use browser() to get around this - which works consistently. The breakpoints in the main app file (where shinyApp() is run) are hit without a problem.
What can I do to hit breakpoints consistently in modules without using browser?

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I didn't get any answer there. I thought this place has more "active" rstudio experts. Thank you.

No answers from the community? Is it a known problem? And is it going to be fixed?

I'm experiencing the same issue here. I suppose it has to do with this: Debugging with the RStudio IDE – RStudio Support

However, since modules are intended to improve code structure in large/complex shiny apps, the fact that it also makes them harder to debug is a deal breaker for me... Any input from the RStudio team would be very appreciated.

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