Rstudio bug with Replace All?



Has anyone else seen this bug? It's bitten me a few times now. When I do a "Replace All" across the whole document, all my inline output chunks in my R Notebook disappear.

I'm currently running Rstudio Version 1.1.463 on Mac OS X.


That's not a bug, that's a feature. Whenever input to the chunk changes, it is logical to assume that output changes as well. So output is invalidated and waits for you to run the chunk again.


Thanks for your reply.

The problem is that chunks with no change are also wiped clean. I can understand the philosophy behind this not-bug. My problem is that I find that selecting search/replace within selection-only vs document-wise to be pretty futzy and will sometimes accidentally do global when I meant to do selection-only. Once I’ve made that mistake, I can undo the replace, but I can’t undo the cleared-out output. That might be a few hours of computation time, if not more.


I'm pretty sure I've experienced similar behaviour before, but at this point it's been a while, so not sure what was the sequence of events to cause. I've tried it with the RStudio I have (v1.2.1114) and it doesn't look anything happens if I do "Replace all".

Can you share a bit more about what you are doing exactly, so I can check it myself to see that maybe upgrading RStudio might help in your case.


Here is a very simple demonstration of the problem. If I have the content below in an R Notebook file, with the comment "# XYZ" in a different code block than the code, and do a Replace All of the string "XYZ" to anything else, then the output of the code block above it is cleared.

title: "R Notebook"

x <- 1:10


I just tried your example in RStudio v1.2.1194 and plot didn't disappear. Can you try upgrading RStudio to see if 1.2 behaves in a more reasonable manner for you?

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