RStudio can't deal with file names with unicode characters

I have the same problem. See my thread here: Cannot interpret scandinavian letters

This problem never occurred before updating to the recent version. I will downgrade, cause I can no longer read files into R.

Same problem since I updated to the latest version or R-Studio.

My workaround is to change work directory before running the list.files command, then re-set my real working directory again.

fileslist <- list.files(pattern = "xxx", recursive = TRUE)

Still this is a pretty annoying issue since it forces me to modify code that has been working for years now.
Not the only issue connected to the latest update.

I looks like this is connected to this issue.

Thanks everyone for the bug reports -- we're investigating in

Hi everyone,

I believe we've now confirmed the issue in the latest release of RStudio. The issue affects the Windows builds of RStudio 2021.09.2+382 (or newer).

If you need an interim workaround, you should be able to downgrade to RStudio 2021.09.1+372, available here:

We will continue working on a resolution and will hopefully have a patched release of RStudio available soon.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble,


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