rStudio can't find many packages

I'm trying to run this code, and when I do, I get a screen full of unavailable, non-zero exit and yet when I google it finds them but Rstudio refuses to install them yet saying it requires them.

SOURCE CODE Canonical Correlation Analysis | R Data Analysis Examples

Also many times I go to click the checkbox next to the package name and Rstudio refuses to select them, there are no errors, no beeps or anything indicating why. For example it will not allow me to click the CCA package that I know I need and it tells me I need but nope, will not select it even when I click the box

Right now I can get as far as line 42 where matcor is but refuses to install.

ERROR: compilation failed for package ‘RcppEigen’

* removing ‘/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/4.0/Resources/library/RcppEigen’

Warning in install.packages("RSpectra", repos = c(""), :

installation of package ‘RcppEigen’ had non-zero exit status

ERROR: dependency ‘RcppEigen’ is not available for package ‘RSpectra’

* removing ‘/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/4.0/Resources/library/RSpectra’

Warning in install.packages("RSpectra", repos = c(""), :

installation of package ‘RSpectra’ had non-zero exit status

The downloaded source packages are in


Error in matcor(psych, acad) (DA410_Project5.rmd#37): could not find function "matcor"

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Error in matcor(psych, acad) (DA410_Project5.rmd#40): could not find function "matcor"

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Error in install.packages(fda) (DA410_Project5.rmd#16): object 'fda' not found

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what happens when you do install.packages("RcppEigen") ?

I couldn't get into the forum so I'm replying late.

I talked with my professor as the R code isn't working, she doesn't know how to debug R and since this is the last semester of R we can choose what code we submit homework in. It took me three days to work on R and I rebuilt it inside like 45 minutes in python.

We campaigned to get the school to change the classes and succeeded in a vote in December, Yay. So the Computer Science, Data Science, and Material Science departments dropped r4 for Python3. They couldn't find enough people to teach us how to program rStudio or Matlab and no employers are asking for it, instead, they want students who know python and AWS. The only department that is going to keep R is Life Science so Biology and Biostats which are apparently the only employers who said they want that language.

I'll look into your suggestion but it didn't seem to want to load the matcor library, tried to load so many side programs, but the problem was universally on macs and since most of us are on Mac these days the old homework isn't unix compatible for some reason?

My PyCharm can run r scripts and notebooks, what would be an edge case where computational work is faster with r?

I would normally ignore this because you just seem to want to have a rant and/or provoke an argument.

However, you have made some assertions which may mislead other people on the forum, so I'll address these.

There are plenty of employers who ask for R, particularly in the Data Science area. Python is more widely advertised partly because it's a more general purpose programming language. I won't go over the endless R vs Python debates, but there is plenty of demand for R.

RStudio is an IDE for R, so I would not be surprised if there were no results searching for that term.

AWS is a cloud platform which interfaces with R just fine, so this has no relevance to the choice of using R or Python.

If your university had nobody who could teach R even though it was on the curriculum, then that is a failing on their part.

R packages work for Mac, Linux, Windows (and some other OSs) just fine, but some require additional software tools for them to install correctly. The essential debugging info was omitted, but it's possible that the relevant build tools were missing on the computer. There are a large number of posts which have been resolved by pointing people in the right direction for such problems.


R packages for mac seem to be unavailable, unworking, depricated or abandoned code for years in the case of sentiment I think it was and fda, and finally matcor will not install. The errors it gives are just not helpful, but this seems to be a theme about r "failing silently" well I'm not one to suffer in silence I will speak up and many students can't get it running.

My apologies if this was targeted at one person or if it felt like a personal attack but i've been spending countless hours each week chasing my tail googling or trying different tutorials. So for three hours at a time I reasearch and each time to try something that might work but my machine fires up and 10 minutes later still giving error codes. Error codes = lower grade so it directly impacts me as a student when the tutorials no longer work and the sentiment code base was completely deleted from github, its replacement doesn't load properly. Professor was adamant its the best code but refused to help debug it.

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