Rstudio Cloud for introducing collegues to R?


I am planning to introduce some of my colleagues to R. Most of them use Stata.

They have requested some hands-on experience, and I would very much like to avoid the hassles of installing R and downloading libraries on their computers before we can get going.

Would Rstudio Cloud be a solution for this situation? And would I be able to do it using the free version?

I am guessing we will be about 10-15 people attending.

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The use of RStudio Cloud will meet your needs perfectly. You'll avoid all of the setup friction that you mentioned, and your colleagues will be able to dive in immediately. As well, RStudio Cloud makes it easy for you to share files, such as your R Markdown and data files, within the cloud environment--further reducing the friction.
I can't confirm, but I think the free version should meet your needs. Your colleagues will have to create their own accounts, and then when you share your space or project with them, they will need to save it to their own space.
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This is great :blush:

Just note that the free accounts will probably only work for very short workshops with a few users doing very simple things.

I am using RStudio Cloud for the first time in a 10 week summer course and even with the paid $15 instructor account for me, and my 20 students purchasing the $5 "plus" accounts, I ran out of "hours" in less than 2 weeks. My current fee for the month is at about $30 and increases quickly every day my guess is my first month will cost me about $50 with just the 20 students. I am not sure how I could ever scale using Rstudio Cloud to 80 students across a normal 15 week course.

I'd suggest contacting RStudio to get a flat rate before your next course - this way you won't face usage limits or overage charges. They'll give you a quote based on the number of students and the term length.

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