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Hi Everyone,
I was fortunate enough to attend RStudio::Conf2019 last week and got to see many great and useful presentations. One of the best for me was given by Mel Gregory entitled "RStudio Cloud for Education". Among other things it outlined how to construct a class with student assignments, base templates, participant roles etc. that would be perfect for a class I'm teaching this upcoming semester.
I was wondering if the slides and/or video from this talk were available and where I might be able to access one or both.
Many thanks,
Joe Retzer

I have the same question. I'll be presenting a seminar in a month or so to my stats department about things I learned at RStudio::Conf (something like, 'Levelling up R for Statistical Research and Teaching") and would include a brief demo of the R Studio Cloud similar to what Mel did in her talk.



I'm so glad to know that my talk was useful for you, thank you!

Recordings of the talks are coming, likely in about three weeks. I'll post a link in this thread to the recording of my talk once it's available.

You can see my slides here (the source is here). Note that these slides don't include the detailed walkthrough from my demo; for now, you may want to check out the section about setting up a space for a course or a workshop found in the RStudio Cloud Guide.

Please let us know if you have any questions while getting your spaces set up.

Thanks, and happy teaching,


Turns out three weeks is more like three days! The video is here:

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