RStudio Cloud, GitHub, SSH, and Global Options

Hi all,
I've just started experimenting with RStudio Cloud, with a view to using it for teaching #rstats in my classes at UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley.
However, I'm experiencing problems connecting to GitHub from multiple projects. I use 2FA with GitHub, so need to connect via SSH. Within one project, I can create an RSA key pair under Global Options and everything works fine. But when I switch to another project, that key pair isn't recognized, and I get asked for my GitHub login credentials.
Is there any way of setting things up so an RSA key pair is recognized for all RStudio Cloud projects for a single user?
This seems to be part of a wider issue with Global Options, which seem to be project specific rather than truly Global. For instance, if I set my appearance preferences for RStudio using Global options, that applies only to the project I was in at the time, and doesn't carry over to other projects.
Am I missing something obvious to make Global Options truly Global across RStudio Cloud, in the same way they are with the Desktop IDE?
Peter Aldhous

Hi Peter,
Currently, the "global options" is, as you've discovered, per project. It's high on our list to make it so that each user has a truly global home directory, i.e. one that is accessible across all the user's projects, for exactly the reasons you mention. Before we took this work on, we wanted to finish some important infrastructure work to ensure that we work reliably and perform well under heavy load - that work is nearly done, and we expect to start work on the global home directory fairly soon. Sorry for the current pain ...

Thanks! Great to know that's coming.

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