RStudio Cloud: Installed rmarkdown package does not show up in templates

I want to install a package that contains rmarkdown templates in Rstudio Cloud.
I am also the maintainer of the package, so maybe I did something wrong there as well.

When I install the package on desktop machines the new templates show up in RStudio.
However in my templates don't show up.

The templates are installed from github


if(!require(devtools)){ install.packages("devtools") } devtools::install_github("statisticsforsocialscience/rmd_templates") library(rmdtemplates)

I have set up the example project here, showing the problem.

I can find the skeleton files installed. They just don't show up?
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Hi @ACaleroValdez,

Thanks for your question. It's odd that this works on a local machine for you and not on Cloud, but I am able to install other packages containing Rmd templates on Cloud and see them in the dialog (I can do this with the xaringan package just fine, for example). Maybe take a look at the differences there in the various files/file structures and see if you can see anything? I'm guessing there some subtle difference that's causing the issue. What operating system and version of R are you using on your desktop?


P.S. the project you shared isn't public, so I'm not able to open it, but I created a new project and followed your instructions above using Cloud, and I can confirm that I also do not see your templates in the dialog. If there's more in the project beyond what you've outlined here, could you make it public so we can see it? You can do that by clicking on the gear in the project menu, clicking on Access, and changing the dropdown to "Everyone" -- thanks!


It looks like a case sensitivity problem. I was able to see the new templates on my cloud project if i renamed 2 files. To find the files to rename, use the Terminal

find . -name skeleton.rmd

Hopefully there are two results. Rename both of those to skeleton.Rmd then restart R for this to take effect. (Session -> Restart R)

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Thank you. Probably because MacOS does not differentiate between cases in its file system the problem was no occurring on my machines.

I fixed the package by changing the case. Seems like a good check for the build-tools to me :blush:

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