RStudio Cloud - My project doesn't load


I was working yesterday on my project G4D available at

I was working in an ioslides Rmd presentation. Everything was going fine until I inserted an R code chunk for joining an sf geospatial object with a data frame and tried to knit the Rmd file. The Rstudio Cloud window crashed. I restarted my session and tried to open the project again with no success.

I also tried a "solution" from other post: I move my project to the trash, and, after some minutes, I restored it. Then, I attempted to open it.

It may be any of you can help me to retrieve my files.

Thanks in advance.



Sorry you were encountering issue. We only currently support up to 1GB of ram and it looks like the crashes while running the Rmd were related to that. There was a large amount of environmental data save to disk in the .Rdata file which can cause issues when a project loads the next time. I've moved that file which will hopefully resolve the blocker. Can you see if you are still experiencing issues loading the project?



By doing that, you solved the probIem, Sean. I can load the project now.

Thanks a lot for your help.