primers are hanging

Hi All,

I am teaching 50 students at Wellesley College to analyze data via R in this semester and I am loving it! Yesterday, I ran into a small glitch and wanted to report it in case it's just a matter of slightly upping server capacity.

In both of my 12-student labs yesterday (one morning, one afternoon), as soon as 10-12 of my students got going on the same primer within, all 10-12 of them started hanging, and they kept hanging until several students gave up and went on to do other things, at which point things immediately got better and stayed better.

In my experience with, this sort of thing typically happens when my settings are set up in a way that doesn't support more than a few simultaneous connections. I wonder if this could be the case with the primers, and if there would be a simple setting change that either I could make for my class workspace or you could make more generally to handle this sort of traffic better?

Or, if this actually is an issue specific to my class workspace, could I create a quick fix by simply having students login with accounts that aren't attached to our class workspace?

Many thanks for providing this amazing service ... it is a total game-changer for weaning undergraduates (not to mention colleagues) from GUI-based software and getting them scripting and coding!


Hi Jeremy

Thanks for letting us know about your experience with the primers. We have bumped up the capacity for those so hopefully things will be better going forward. Let us know if you continue to see issues!


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your help with that, much appreciated!
In my Thursday labs, the primer we were working on hung once for one student.
But otherwise, smooth sailing.
So definitely a big improvement, and maybe the single hang was a fluke?

Thanks again,