Rstudio cloud project not opening

cannot be opened since 12+hrs ago. Attempts of relaunch, delete+restore failed. Please help.
Thank you

I am sorry to hear your project is not loading. I took a look at our logs, and I wasn't able to see any errors for that project. Can you describe the error you are seeing when you attempt to load the project?

Hi Andy:

There is no progress from the "opening screen":

It is stuck on this screen on every attempt.

Also cannot find any of the files from the terminal root directory of A1 workspace(which includes 2 Rprojects).

Just in case, here's the link again:

Thanks so much for looking into it.
It would be a timesaver if this could be resolved today.


Thanks for your patience while we look at this issue. We did some more digging and we found an error. We're not quite sure what it means yet, but we'll keep investigating and let you know when we have more information to report.

Hi there,

I dug a bit further, and I was able to determine the issue is that your project storage is full. There were multiple GB of cached RMarkdown output chunks saved to disk which was preventing the project from starting properly. If you try to open the project again, it should start normally.

In the future, if you're working on many large notebooks with large data-sets, I would advise you to periodically clean the notebook cache using the "Clear All Output" command:


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