RStudio Cloud project stuck on loading

Hello all,

I'm new to RStudio Cloud and am hoping to use it for an R demo/tutorial next week. I created a small project yesterday to test it and, although it took a while to open the new project's RStudio IDE, when it did open, all seemed good.

However, this morning, I find that I can not open the project. I've tried on both Chrome and Firefox, on a Win10 and a RedHat Linux machine. Now joy anywhere. The URL is, but I don't think it is public.

In searching for a solution, this seems to be a pretty frequent issue, but I don't see any consistent solution. I'm attaching a screen shot, and have created a network HAR file, but can not upload it. I'm open to any suggestions.

Also, I would appreciate some honest, candid feedback about the wisdom of trying to use RStudio Cloud in a teaching environment. I'm worried about the seemingly large number of issues with projects not being able to be reopened and the apparent lack of a consistent solution. All insight is appreciated!


Sorry for the problem opening your project. We believe we have restored it, so please try again to open it.

For additional info, the problem is related to this issue: Issue Opening Projects

Regarding using RStudio Cloud in a teaching environment - we are still in alpha, so there is definitely a chance that there will be occasional issues with the service. That said, hundreds of instructors have used Cloud quite successfully in their courses to date - and our primary goal is to provide a high level of reliability for the service, so most of our current efforts are toward achieving that end.

Hope this helps answer your questions,

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Hi Robby,

Thanks so much for the fast response, the extra info, and the quick fix! My project does indeed now open. I'll check out the link you sent and, hopefully, figure out how to make sure I'm not messing it up and causing these issues. I fully realize I may be futzing my way into trouble. It is one of my skills.

Regarding my use of RStudio Cloud for teaching, I participated in a workshop at FOSS4G NA 2018 where we used RStudio Cloud very successfully. I was quite impressed; you folks are building a great tool! We were all able to quickly get up and running without the issues of different OS's, versions, admin rights, etc. It was wonderful!

I also now understand that you are in alpha and all that should imply. Frankly, I wouldn't have thought that if I hadn't seen it on the topic list earlier today and read your confirmation. Therefore, I'm torn: getting 35 - 40 folks to show up with R & RStudio correctly installed is a daunting (if not impossible) task. But having my project fail to load at all, would be at least as problematic. My R-interpretive-dance skills are just not that good!

That is why I was asking about others' experience, not as a ding against RStudio Cloud, but just as a reality check for some additional data points on real-world usage.

With all that said, thanks for the great project! Please pass my regards and compliments on to the whole RStudio Team; your work is making a lot of the rest of our jobs easier! Thanks!


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