RStudio Cloud - Reaching Max Project Hours

Have you reached a usage limit with RStudio Cloud?

RStudio Cloud's free tier has a number of project limits. If you exceed these limits you will receive a message and may not be able to access your projects. If that's the case you have a number of options.

How do I access a project I'm locked out of?

  • Contact @Robby via personal message here, or email
    Be sure to include your RStudio Cloud email and the ids (or urls) of the projects you'd like access to.
  • Consider upgrading to one of our premium tiers.

Hi @Robby i need download a proyect that is very important for my class and i need it urgent, this is and my count of rcloud is Camila-chacon my project

Hi Camila - we can help you out. I'll direct message you shortly.

Please help, I have the same issue as a student and have a class project trapped in my workspace that I needed tomorrow. I would have been fine upgrading but there's no student option? Do I have to pay $100 to get my homework out? @Robby

Hi jdsantos,

We can help you out - we'll send you a direct message shortly.