RStudio Cloud: the "TEMPORARY" label is confusing/unclear. Suggestion: a horizontal band across the top making it clear that changes are not permanent

When I first started using RStudio Cloud and saw the big red TEMPORARY label at the top beside the "Save a permanent copy" link, I actually thought that saving a permanent copy is temporary. It made me think that the permanent copy button itself is a beta feature that isn't working properly and so the TEMPORARY label beside it serves as a warning to let us know that this feature is not actually permanent. That was my understanding until just last week, when I realized the TEMPORARY is there to let me know that this project is temporary UNTIL I click on the permanent button.

Perhaps that mistake was unique to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if others make that mistake as well. The TEMPORARY label doesn't say anything else, it doesn't say what it describes, and it's in such close proximity to the button that it kind of suggests it's referring to it.

Maybe spelling out the words "This is a temporary project" or "This is a temporary project and any changes will not be saved - <click here to make a permanent copy>" will clear this up. Or maybe having a band across the top of the IDE or across the top of the page giving a similar message would be useful (like the warning band that is already supported in the IDE for other messages such as below)

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the confusion. Do you think just adding the word "Project" would have helped you better understand what's going on, something like so?


We'd like to avoid taking up vertical real estate with a banner, as a temporary project may be just what someone wants (so we don't want to penalize them by taking pixels away).

Yes, IMO that alone helps already. The animated flashing is a bit distracting and annoying to me, and I would personally move it closer to the left side (where the project info is, since this describes the project) rather than the right side (where action buttons are). But I'm not a user experience/design expert so obviously my opinion is to be taken with an entire salt shaker.

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