RStudio Cloud vs RStudio Server (collaborative editing)


  • I understand that collaborative editing is still not available within RStudio Cloud.

However, can I check the current state of a student and suggest changes/edits on the code while using RStudio Server?

The idea is to provide "near real time" support to students during computer labs.
Cloud seems great but my colleagues are keen to provide/find a way for collaborative editing.


As an instructor (owner of a space) on, you can create a new project in your classroom space and change it to an 'Assignment': Click on the gear icon, then on the 'Access' (lock) icon, and once you make it available to everyone in the space, check the 'Make this project an assignment' box.

Now, when the student clicks on the project, a copy for the student will automatically be created, but you and the student will both be able to edit any of the files. There's no collaborative editing in the sense that you can't both have access to the project at the same time -- if one of you clicks on it, access is toggled, and the other loses access until they click on it again. Does that make sense?

@gtalckmin: I just realized I originally forgot to make clear that my instructions were for, and edited my post to make that clear. Does that still answer your question?

Perfectly, mate. I had already went on the documentation of the RStudio Cloud and your input confirmed my understanding.

What I would be keen to know was if by using the RStudio server, I could also have access to the same functionalities as the Cloud (assignment/projects etc), while having the possibility of collaborative editing.
I will look into it tomorrow morning.


In that case, I'll be curious to learn what you find since I haven't used the server :slight_smile:

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