RStudio Cloud Won't Respond

Hi - my RStudio Cloud won't load any project since I added a repetitive Bootstrap Function - is there any way my code could be sent to me in another form? Thank you @ Admins

Hi @emablipc,

Sorry to hear you're running into trouble. Am I correct in my understanding that you have multiple projects that won't open? If so:

  1. Can you please try logging out (that is: click your user name in the upper right to open the menu and click "Log Out") and then log back in. Can you open projects now?

  2. If you still can't open projects, can you please send us URLs to projects that are not functioning and we can take a look. Also, what happens when you try to open them? Do they get stuck in a particular place? Any information you can share there would be helpful.

Thanks so much,

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