RStudio CMD + Enter comes to a complete stop

I'm a mac user, and I recently upgraded to the latest version of RStudio. I've noticed that the CMD + Enter doesn't work in the same way as before. Previously, Rstudio just runs the selected code, even when there is an error (i.e., it just proceeds to the next line). However, now it comes to a complete stop and won't run the rest of the selected code. Any idea how to fix this?

This behavior was introduced intentionally (most people prefer their code to stop executing when it encounters an error). See here for more details:

We're considering adding a preference that will allow you to opt into / out of this behavior. Comment/upvote here: consider user preference for "discard input on error" console behavior · Issue #10391 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

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Thank you, Jonathan. I can see why some may prefer this feature. I think giving users an option is a great idea. Thanks for your help!

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