RStudio Community (this site) as an Android app

A slightly off topic question: I have this forum as an app on my old Android mobile. I however can't seem to recall where or how I downloaded the app or what was its technical name.

Now I have updated my handset, and can not seem to find a way to download the app again.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Googling throws at me a lot of shiny apps, which is not exactly what I am looking for.

A very wild guess:

May be you opened this site using Chrome, and used Add to homescreen?

By the way, even if that is not the case, may be we can use this thread as a poll to see how many are in favour of an official app for the community? (I initiated the vote, by the way)

  • Yes, will be useful
  • No, not required

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There is a Discourse app in the Google play store

Yes, that seems to be what I have done, and then I forgotten about it - I have followed your advice, and it works as expected.

Thanks for making me feel a bit silly, and for helping out. This is a neat trick! Following the topics brightens up my daily commute.

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