Rstudio Connect - Adding new Users



I have RStudio Connect installed on a server and it performs username and password authentication over LDAP. Is it possible to create a new user login and password from within the RStudio Connect software, or does it HAVE to be created within the LDAP environment first?


Fantastic question! With LDAP authentication, you can think about RStudio Connect using LDAP as the credential store of users, the place where it looks up users, confirms passwords to allow authentication, etc.

As a result, it is necessary to add users / passwords to the LDAP environment first, and Connect should pick up those users immediately (obviously dependent on your LDAP configuration and the user's privileges).

I know that's not a fun answer, but creating LDAP users is a common enough task that there are usually ways to make it easier! Is there a reason you would prefer to create the users in Connect than in LDAP?


Hello Cole. Yes, there is a reason that I would also like the option of creating users in Connect rather than in LDAP. For instance, to trial a login configuration to see how things would look for someone with Viewer status, for example. In my organisation, asking for an LDAP username and password is a long and complex task. Doing something locally within Connect, and more quickly is what I was after.


Ahh yes. That makes sense. Being able to test is important! Most organizations have several test LDAP accounts for testing access controls and other types of things. Since you are administering a server, I would expect the IT organization to be supportive of this process by provisioning a test account or giving you access to one that already exists. Hopefully mentioning that it is a test account will allow you to squeak by some of the normally stringent requirements. Have you made such an attempt before / in this case?


Hello Cole
Given that Rstudio Connect does not yet have the functionality of creating a 'local' username and password that I was hoping it had, I have had to make such a request from my IT department.


Sorry for the trouble! I hope the process is much speedier than you had hoped! :slight_smile: