RStudio Connect Admin Dashboard

What is the datasource for Rstudio connect admin dashboard? Can we look at the raw data? Is it possible to create customize admin dashboard? If then from where can we get the data for Rstudio connect server usage?

Information about historical server metrics (like CPU and memory usage) is stored in RRD files by default. Historical event data (information about the usage of deployed content) is stored in a database (either SQLite or PostgreSQL depending on your installation). These event details can be queried using RStudio Connect server APIs. More information about historical metrics and events can be found in Chapter 19 of the RStudio Connect Admin Guide.

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It's worth noting that we would recommend copying the RRD files if you do intend to make use of them, lest you conflict with the RStudio Connect processes that are updating them.

Further, what James mentioned about historical event data is also called "instrumentation." It is documented in the API here:

And there is an example report available here:

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Thanks Blair and Cole! These are very helpful. I would also be interested in knowing how much memory and CPU usage are by each application and processes. How can I do it? Can we get these data from the API mentioned above or RRD file or PostGreS database?

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing that desire here, so we can share it with the product team!

Are you an administrator on the RStudio Connect server in question? Are you familiar with the Admin dashboard and the usage information shared there? Are you looking for that same information over time? Is there information missing from that location that you are looking to capture?