RStudio Connect API report who can view the app

I have been looking over the RStudio Connect API, but i'm not seeing how to report who has access to which app (via acl)?
Did I over look anything?
I able to get who accessed the and other details.
Any suggestions besides looking in the UI?

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Unfortunately there is not a great way to do this today. Do you mind explaining a bit more about what you're trying to accomplish? Where in particular do you feel like the access reporting in Connect falls short? Are you wanting to build your own report on access, or trying to integrate into some other system? Is this to simplify your administration of the server? To meet other objectives?

While we would love for the public Connect API to have this functionality, and there may be some possible workarounds today, these types of details can help us understand what you're shooting for and either (a) recommend a better workaround in the short term, or (b) build a better product in the long term.

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Hi Cole,
we are trying to do usage/access show who is and isn't using the app....if user are not using app....we want developers to decide if they still need access....also allows us to report permissions without open each app to do monthly/quarterly of access checks.
If there is another way to get a list of acl for each app without looking at each app, that would be great....I wasn't able to find it...but I'm sure I didn't look everywhere.