RStudio Connect Base 20 User in GCP marketplace

Hi All

I am planning to use to publish shiny application on RConnect using GCP marketplace.
Kindly clarify if the number 20 User signify whether 20 users can publish on it, or 20 users can view the reports

The marketplace products count users the same way our on-prem products do. Specifically, for this offering you can have up to 20 named users that either publish or view on RStudio Connect. We don't differentiate, because we believe there should be no constraints for publishers to view, and viewers to publish.

In addition to the 20 named users, Connect allows for anonymous viewers. You can have up to 20 anonymous viewers concurrently, but there's really no limit on the number of anonymous viewers who could view your app over time.

Thanks Dave for responding.
Is there also a possibility in R Connect to allow multiple identity configuration.
I have 10 internal, 15 external users. The internal users will be allowed to publish and edit the dashboard. However, the external users should only be able to see the reports in shiny