RStudio Connect - Deployment options - Firewalls

Hi all,

After reading the admin guide, watching a variety of videos, searching various locations I am still wanting to know a bit more about actual deployment scenarios with particular interest in how to balance the requirements of internal vs internet access; wanting to use LDAP authentication, but also support authenticated users who are external to the organization and are not in the organization's LDAP; ensuring access to restricted data is not compromised through external access, etc. Has anyone seen such materials anywhere?


I have not seen such material. However, I could image one of the following approaches:

  1. Use proxied authentication where your proxy authenticates either with LDAP or the source for external users. These external users should get some fixed group so that it is easy to authorize certain Apps for external access by allowing read access by that group.

  2. Use LDAP authentication and mark content meant for external access "public". Then add a reverse proxy in front of RSC which authenticates with your source for external users.

In both cases, external users have to authenticate and are only allowed to view content that has been made available to them.

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