RStudio Connect: LDAP Authentication


I have established LDAP authentication on RStudio Connect. By default, all users are logged in as 'viewer' and I have to use usermanager CLI in the backend to modify permissions. What are my options in Connect to make it 'publisher' by default? Or it can only be controlled on the LDAP server side?


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RStudio Connect has a setting Authorization.DefaultUserRole that specifies the role given to new users. Should you want all your users to become publishers, add the following configuration:

DefaultUserRole = publisher

You can read more about user roles in the Connect Admin Guide.

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It's also worth mentioning that the RStudio Connect Server API is also useful for automating user creation / membership changes, if that is desirable in any way. Note that the version of the API docs that is compatible with your version of RStudio Connect is hosted on your server under "Documentation."

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