RStudio Connect trying to fetch latest version of `foreign` from `contrib/Archive` instead of `contrib`

I am deploying an app to our RStudio Connect server from the R console using rsconnect::deployApp. As it installs the first packages, the server properly looks for latest versions at, and older versions at However when it comes to foreign, which is at the latest version on my local system (v0.8-82), the server runs into this problem:

[Connect] 2022/08/22 21:11:35.209578969 Installing foreign (0.8-82) ... 
[Connect] 2022/08/22 21:11:35.504115927 curl: HTTP 404
[Connect] 2022/08/22 21:11:35.504132429 curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

The server is trying to fetch foreign_0.8-82.tar.gz from contrib/Archive but that file is missing since it actually resides at Any idea on why the server is confused?

The problem was that the only R version on the server (3.6.3) was too old for version 0.8-82 of foreign, which requires at least R 4.0. The problem was resolved after installing R 4.2.1.

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