RStudio crashes after starting

Everytime I start R, it crashes displaying a sign "R encountered a fatal error". I have R version 4.2.0 and Rstudio Desktop 2022.02.2-485.
The log (%localappadata#/RStudio/log/rsession-username.txt) has the following lines repeated:
2022-05-05T21:56:38.418529Z [rsession-username] ERROR Unable to retrieve user home path. HRESULT: -2147024893; LOGGED FROM: class rstudio::core::FilePath __cdecl rstudio::core::system::userSettingsPath(const class rstudio::core::FilePath &,const class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits,class std::allocator > &,bool) src/cpp/core/system/Win32System.cpp:338

Do you load any packages on startup (through .Rprofile or otherwise)?