RStudio crashes when using xlsx

I have been having an issue with RStudio crashing whenever I load the package "xlsx" (R version 4.2.0 - April 2022) and RStudio version (2022.02.3 Build 492).

I have read about this issue in several forums, included a couple of related topics in the RStudio community forum. However, it's not clear to me whether this issue has been fixed?

I have seen that there are newer versions of both R and RStudio, just released in June (R 4.2.1 - June, 2022) & RStudio (2022.07.0 +548). Has this issue been fixed in these latest R/RStudio versions??

I would love to know whether this is fixed in the latest R/RStudio versions before updating...

Very likely, yes. I think this has to do with a bug in R 4.2.0 that causes crashes while loading packages that depend on Java. The issue has been fixed on R 4.2.1.

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Hi again everyone,
On my work computer (Windows 10), I have just updated both R to version 4.2.1 and RStudio to the newest version available on the website, which seems to be "2022.07.0 Build 548".
However, when I try to look for updated on my personal computer (Windows 10 as well) where I have currently have RStudio version "2022.02/3 Build 492" tells me that I have the most updated RStudio version I am a bit confused...which is the latest version of RStudio, and why would it not be recognised on one of my computers?

Most importantly, I am having issues installing packages in the newest RStudio version "2022.07.0 Build 548", it gives me the following error:

<Installing package into β€˜C:/Users/scatag/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.2’
(as β€˜lib’ is unspecified)
Error in install.packages : error reading from connection>

Is this an issue of the newest RStudio version "2022.07.0 Build 548" or is this due to some other problem?
Thanks a lot for any assistance with this issue!

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