RStudio Crashing - what information should I get

For a while, RStudio desktop IDE has been randomly crashing, I get the warning


Then RStudio will restart. It only occurs when I build and reinstall a package. It doesn't always crash, perhaps 1 in 5 (on average). About 1 in 10 times, it actually deletes the entire project I'm working on. Sometimes it leaves an empty directory, othertimes it leaves the installed version of the package, e.g.


In the directory below pkg/, I now have 00LOCK-pkg that contains my files.

Some details:

  • Ubuntu 20.04, using i3
  • RStudio version: currently alies, but I've tried preview and stable as well

I realise the above is vague, so my question is to raise a sensible GitHub issue, what other information can I collect? It seems a stochastic, but a regular process.

I've seen this message before, but never a resolution. From looking at related issues on the github page, I suspect that it may be caused by unclosed sockets that could arise from a zombie process.

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