RStudio + dark theme breaks help panel (only for Python)




First of all - thank you so much for the amazing additions to the RStudio IDE lately - the D3 support + running background jobs + amazing python support !
I've been struggling a bit with the Spyder IDE for python (which is nice editor...) and realised that we've been quite "spoiled" having RStudio :slight_smile:

I got the 30 Aug daily build RStudio 1.2.937 build 940 (d1f960eb)
and I noticed that using ? in the python repl to search for help docs works when using a light theme but it breaks when switching to a dark theme - but only for some items...
The text get displayed in the help pane but it becomes unvisible due to dark font on dark background.

Example with bright bkg:

Example with dark bkg:

However - it works fine when searching for ?dict for example.

I thought to report it here. Thanks again for all the great work.


Thanks for the bug report! We're now tracking this at and we'll make sure to get this fixed up in time for the v1.2 release.