RStudio data viewer font size

I need to increase the RStudio data viewer font size. The font size is too small for my students to see it clearly.

You can zoom in and out with CTRL + (and out with -). If you want just the data you're viewing to be affected, you can pop out the viewer pane.

You can change the display fonts by going to RStudio >> Preferences >> Appearance.

If none of these options are to your liking (or any that others suggest), you can, of course, file a feature request at the GitHub repo.

RStudio IDE Guide: Writing Good Feature Requests


This works on windows machine but not on my fedora machine. Any suggestion?

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Have you tried using Zoom In from the view menu?

The Zoom In shows Ctr +, but it does not work. When I clicked it, all fonts in my RStudio gets larger, while I only want my data looks larger in data viewer.

Have you tried it with the Viewer popped out like I did in the second part of the video. That's why I mentioned that, since it seems to let you get around the sizing everything.

Yes, I did. When I press Ctrl + +, nothing happened....

With the viewer popped out, but using the menu, not the keyboard shortcut.

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