RStudio Deleted All Folders On My Desktop (new user)

I am using Rstudio for a class and attempted to delete existing folders within the program. I had various projects that showed up as files in Rstudio, and tried deleting them because I figured they had nothing to do with my project. However, when I did so, they deleted from my desktop and are no where to be found in my trash. I am very confused why deleting folders in Rstudio would transfer over to the entire disk.

Please help as I had a lot of important things on my desktop that have accumulated over the years!!

If you're talking about files that are in the Files pane (see screenshot below), if you're not inside of a directory you've created for an R project, they're just files on your system. So, if you navigate to Desktop, and delete all those files, you're deleting the files on your computer.

However, there's no reason that they shouldn't be in Trash. Are you on a Mac? I just tried deleting a file from my desktop from inside the file navigation pane, and it showed up in my trash.

Luckily (in this case) it's actually pretty difficult to fully delete files from your machine, but the best course of action for getting them back is system dependent.

If you are work, you'd better contact the IT department. They can probably recover the files. If you are at home, oh no!

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